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Mediterranean Diet: The healthiest diet in the world
Quick way to loose weight healthy with the Mediterranean Diet plan.

Diet Weight Lose

What is the Mediterranean diet: Mediterranean diet plan is a quick way to loose weight healthy. Healthy information about the Mediterranean diet.

The foods of the Mediterranean diet are:
1. Olive oil
2. Bread, cereals (wheat, rice)
3. Vegetables (chickpeas, lentils).
4. Fresh vegetables, mixed in salad, boiled, fried or grilled
5. Fruits in large quantities
6. Fish, in particular the 'blue' fish (salmon, tuna)
7. Cheese in moderate quantities
8. Dried fruit

The Mediterranean diet also includes:
- Conducting a daily physical activity
- Consuming wine at meals moderately (one glass)

On the other hand, it's desirable not to abuse of simple or refined sugars (cakes, pastries, sweets).

Curiosity of the Mediterranean Diet
All the foods consumed or produced in the Mediterranean do not belong to this diet. For example, for its high saturated fat content - harmful to your health - chorizo, sausage, butter or pork are not considered essential in this type of diet.

Nutrition pyramid of the Mediterranean diet:

Nutrition pyramid: Mediterranean diet

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