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Healthy diet to weight loose: Weight Loss Diets
Quick way to weight loose healthy. Find out how to weight loose.

Diet Weight Lose

A diet consists in eating foods that help maintain your health and enable you to work without fatigue.

A healthy diet is quantitatively correct if it provides sufficient energy to achieve or maintain an ideal weight, and provides all the vitamins and minerals in quantities of more than 2/3 of the recommended dietary intake (RDI). Hypocaloric diets with less than 1500 calories do not guarantee that.

Nutrients are substances contained in food. They are needed to be alive and keep us healthy. Essential nutrients are those that the body cannot synthesize (from others) and is therefore depending imperatively from food consumption. Nutrients that provide energy are protein, fats and carbohydrates.

For a healthy diet, the percentage of nutrient intakes on total calories should be the following:
- 50-55% carbohydrates
- 30-35% fat (15-20% monounsaturated)
- 10-15% protein.

A healthy and balanced diet
A balanced diet should provide an optimal amount of nutrients for the conservation and regeneration of the body, and a small amount of food harmful to health.

Everything you eat during the day is a beneficial or toxic element for your body. So, choose the correct food for you!

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