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Diets recommended by Professor Yamakashi

1500 Calorie Diet: Balanced diet 1500 calories
1500 Calorie Diet to lose weight. Check out the 1500 calorie diet plan.

Diet Weight Lose

What is 1500 calorie diet? 1500-Calorie Diet program consists of eating 1500 calories or less per day. 1500 diet menu is one of the effective ways to lose weight. Following, healthy information about 1500 calorie diet:

Distribution of the calorie diet:
• Carbs (0,45 lbs - 200 grs)
• Protein (0,20 lbs - 90 grs)
• Fat (0,10 lbs - 42 grs)

Breakfast Lunch Dinner

At 8 am (getting up):
Skimmed milk (0,45 lbs - 200 grs)

Around 10 am:
Bread (0,10 lbs - 40 grs)
Cheese Low Fat 0% (0,05 lbs - 25 grs)

Spindles (0,70 lbs - 300 grs)
Potato (0,20 lbs - 100 grs)
Steak (0,20 lbs - 100 grs)
Bread (0,10 lbs - 40 grs)

Orange (0,45 lbs - 200 grs)

Same as lunch

Before going to bed:
Skimmed milk (0,45 lbs - 200 grs)

Condiments allowed

- Lemon (optional)
- A little salt and / or pepper (and vice versa)
- 2 tablespoons of olive oil (maximum per day)

Foods that can be substituted in the 1500 Calories Diet.
In the case of a "SALT-FREE DIET", remove salt, preserves, and sparkling water. Do not put salt in cooked meals or in salads.

In the case of a "LOW FAT DIET", substitute milk and its derivatives with equivalents without cream. Use corn oil for seasoning and olive oil for cooking. Remove skin and fat from poultry. Do not consume more than four eggs a week.

In the case of a "LOW URIC ACID DIET", remove all the viscera and preserves. Drink one glass of water after each of the 5 meals.

Celebrity Diet