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Food to Avoid While Losing Weight (avoid fast food)
Eating in fast food restaurants, too many calories come from fat.

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What are the types of foods to avoid for weight loss? To lose weight fast, you have to avoid Fast Food restaurants. The meals in "fast food" restaurants (Mc Donald's, Burger King and others) contain too much fat, too much sodium, no fibers and calcium and a high concentration of proteins, no doubt too much. The calorie intake comes from 40% or 50% of fat. But nutritionists say the fat percentage should not exceed 30%. In addition, most of the vitamins and minerals are generally insufficient.

Repeated consumption of that "fast food"causes a hidden malnutrition, which results in anemia (iron deficiency), difficulties in bone growth (calcium deficiency) and more.

There are several solutions to overcome the problems of fast food. For example, one solution is to accompany the burgers with a salad instead of fries, so your needs in fiber, vitamins and minerals are fulfilled. Another solution is to reduce the frequency of eating these quick meals.

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